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a boat that is sitting on a dock next to a body of water

Our classic catboat Moonraker is almost finished with its restoration! We purchased her last August and she’s been under the care of Arey’s Pond Boat Yard on Cape Cod since. APBY is the Hinckley of catboats and are the best at what they do. She was launched last week and has been brought back to Bristol condition. Moonraker is sure to stand out in the harbor with her classic design and custom palmetto flag sail.

Catboats are characterized by a single mast mounted far forward, a large gaff sail, a wide beam, and a shallow draft. It originated in the Cape Cod region of Massachusetts and was traditionally used for fishing and transport due to its stability and ease of handling. The wide beam of catboats allows for a huge cockpit relative to their size which makes it a great daysailer.

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